Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swim Team Conference B

I last left you on Friday when V was diagnosed with strep. He had swim team conference on Saturday. This was part of the reason I took him to urgent care on Friday instead of waiting to see if it was a virus.

He ended up having a pretty bad day on Friday. The antibiotic didn't really kick in like it normally does. I woke him up Saturday morning, and he was upset, crying and his eyelashes were caked in gunk. He informed me he couldn't swim, as he wasn't 100%. I said, let's go and see how you are feeling when you get there, we can talk about this when we get there. I attempted to give him breakfast, but he wasn't able to eat on the way, because his stomach hurt too much. :(

So we finally get there, and I inform his coach about how he was diagnosed the day earlier, and he wasn't sure if he could swim. She told him, she understood, she was sick on Friday too, and wasn't feeling great herself.

So he did the warm up, and I was worried. I walked away and set up camp.

He came back from warm up and asked for some food. So he ate and then they started to assemble for the parade.

(don't mind my fingers)

Then we got started. He was slotted to swim 25m free, 50 m free, and 25m back.

So he was in races 12, 32 and 52.

He did awesome...he beat all of his times, race 12 by 3 seconds, race 32 by 21 seconds and race 52 by 7 seconds.

Seriously poor child who didn't think he could swim at all...nailed each one. That was the goal, just to beat your previous times. race 52...

he won the heat! (ok there were only 3..but still!)

So proud of my big kid.

Did you swim in swim team?


  1. What a trooper V is! Congrats to your son!

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  4. Congratulations to V! You did the right thing with getting him to urgent care. While you may not have noticed immediately, it may have helped in relieving him of his discomfort. The fact that he was able to go to the swim meet the next day means it worked. Just imagine if he was 100% at that time, he could have been even better!

    Clyde Kurt @ U.S. Healthworks, West Stockton


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