Friday, July 18, 2014

he is sick again....

Remember he had his tonsils/adenoids out last February? Remember he had strep for almost a solid four months?

Well last night, I went to pick him up from camp. (granted I was late) He was standing on the edge, arms crossed, with his backpack on. I look at him, and he has a tear stained face. In my normal way of intera)cting, I try to make him laugh and he gives me a 'look'. I ask him what is wrong, and he tells me he will tell me in the car. He goes to get into the car, and it literally took him three times to get in. I thought he was tired and over reacting. He tells me he doesn't feel good, and he can't go running. So I figure, ok. I can run on the dreadmill, he must be tired.

We get home, he literally drops everything at the door and goes and crawls into my bed and closes his eyes. I go in, take his temp (100.7) I pull him out and put pjs on him, give him a dose of advil and immediately falls asleep.

he slept like this until 5 am this morning (read no supper) and his temp was 101.8.

So I took him to urgent care, thinking this was an ear infection, since he is doing swim team.

it is strep throat


His swim team conference is tomorrow. He is scheduled to swim three events. The 8 and under 25 yd freestyle, the 50 yd free style, and the 25 yr backstroke.

I am hoping he is better tomorrow. I am super proud of him that he swims competitively.


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