Sunday, July 27, 2014

busy and awesome weekend around here

First off, I have been keeping it a bit quiet on my blog (as I have been MIA), but it has been all over my facebook page...I am quickly approaching my tail end of 100 miles in July. I will not ever do this again. I know for some of you who run double digits daily and run well over 100 miles a week, find me to be a bit of a whiner...well..yes..yes I am. I whine. I am S-L-O-W! This has been nothing but a challenge, as I much prefer sitting on my couch.... (which leads to)

A BRAND NEW COUCH (almost wrote coach, which is what I need for my slowness..)

YES! I finally got a couch, much after many years of hating my futon. Want to see it? Of course you do...

ok it turns out it is bigger than I imagined it... LOL, but let me know who wants to come over and watch a movie! We now have room for entertaining....

don't mind the mess in the back, we are trying to go through and purge..and the dreadmill to the right, that is where all the torment happens...yes..the dreadmill is torture. I much prefer running outside..and I can't wait for V to be able to stay home by himself. So this is what he does when he plays..he parks cars..and parks cars..and wait for it..parks cars. ;)

So now I find it even harder to get on the dreadmill..with this lovely comfy couch calling my name. I need to make workout plans STAT! We did leave the house today (V needed to get out) and went for a walk (which reminds me, I need to add to my 100inJuly total, Hey I will take what I can get!)

He has started not wanting his photo taken, he used to be so cute.

Tonight he had his swim team party. He got a trophy!!! His first ever! I did get all teary. The coach wants him on the regular swim team next year. Not a Jr. Swim Team member. He has really grown this summer. We need to find lessons to keep him swimming during the winter, so he will be ready come spring.
Tell me about your weekend.
Did you swim with swim team? If so, when did you start?
New couch? Love it? I know you do.
Ever done a 100 mile challenge?


  1. Yay 100 miles! And LOVING that new couch!

  2. Congrats to V on his trophy and you on your 100 miles! Your new couch looks fab!


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