Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thoughts on our very first 10k

I haven't shared much much going on. I will share another time with a lot of my current stressors, but first I need some advice...

We are going to our very first 10k this weekend. We have been selected to be ambassadors by our favorite local running store (protecting the innocent for now, you will see my reasoning soon)

V as you all know is an amazing runner for being 6. He is super excited to run his first 10k. As you probably know too, he likes to do well, and that means leaving me in the dust. Here is the situation that bugs me.

He is 6. He would possibly be running alone along a course where creepy people might stalk small cute children (again, I am a mom...remember and he is cute). I am not as fast as him. I want him to do well..I doubt I can ride a bike instead of running...

What would you do? Would you explain that in this world, even though you are 6, there are some scary people in the world, and I need to carry your fuel and your water, so you need to stick with me? Or would you say, ok the first X amount of miles you stay with me and then you look for Z or Y from our running club at the finish line?

I am having serious anxiety about this. I honestly don't worry about him/his behavior, I worry about the people who might hurt/steal him.

Tell me...what would you do?

Don't tell me I am crazy, I already know that.

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  1. First off congrats on being ambassadors!

    Ooh the 10k sounds fun. I get your worries about V... Maybe if were able to stay with a coach after he finishes to cheer you on that would work? Or if you know someone with a similar pace he could run with for this one? Tough call.


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