Sunday, March 30, 2014

where in the world have I been???

Well as you all know, things get busy, and then things get boring...

So for starters, things at work have been busy, we merged last year and our systems started on one program this past week. I have been trying my best to get it all learned and completed, but feeling like I am failing. I was also hoping for an announcement that was to take place on Friday, but I never saw not sure where that is. I can't talk about might not happen, since it wasn't ever announced.

V and I have rejoined  Coach Britt at Dick Pond Lisle for their FREE walk2run program. We have loved going to this, and everyone is so amazing there. If you are looking for a group to join, please come and join us. It is Monday nights at 6pm. Leave me a note if you want directions. V likes to push me, he is my coach, he will tell me how proud he is of me and random strangers as we (aka he, and I push to keep up) pass. We also like to join Dick Pond Lisle for their fun run on Thursday nights, which is open to all, at all levels..again..come hang with us!!! We have signed up for their Fast Track Tuesdays (I think that is the name) and we are excited to get faster..well I am..can I leave V at home, so I can maybe make up some speed?

I bought a new outfit for Monday night, we are to be at 67, and I can't wait for not wearing a hat. I did also buy some sunless color so help hid my winter white skin, but I didn't get it applied..sorry folks (and all drivers who are blinded by my skin)

We have a water issue in our kitchen, namely no water is coming out of our faucet. Trying to figure that out, and I now need a plumber..please let me know if you have a good local reference!

V has really started eating again, he is growing too. His long sleeve t-shirts are getting too short in the sleeves. I am happy to start purging of these...I know it is crazy..but I have the next size in a tote, so it is all good. And we pass along to other families to help them, so they don't have to purchase so much. I wish we had a family who was much older to pass along clothes to V.

Ok and since I love to post pictures of V...

what color are his eyes??? I say hazel and others say brown

trying to show me his muscles..and saw all the extra skin..I think he is about to shoot can see isn't due to the indentions on his chest.

Tell me what has been going on with you?? I am sorry we haven't been super active, we are boring.

How tall do you think V will be? What about that eye color??


  1. His eyes are hazel! I have hazel eyes too, and they look different depending on the light.

  2. Aww, I am happy to hear V is well and that you are back out with Dick Pond! :)


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