Saturday, March 22, 2014

trouble at school

If you follow me on already heard a tidbit about this..but here is part of the reason I haven't been around (the other reason is I really have nothing to report)

So a week ago, it was to be 55, so I sent V to school in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and fleece. He also had his snow gear (boots, hat, gloves) but not his winter coat. When he was to go out at recess, the assistant teacher told him he wasn't warm enough for him to go out in a fleece. I found this out on Monday when I tried to get him to wear a fleece for a 50 degree day. I ended up sending his teacher a question and thinking V didn't get it correct, and wanted some clarification.  Because I mean, some assistant teacher wouldn't really undermine me to my child right?

The teacher responded, that she was concerned he would get sick, and that was her reasoning.

That was on Monday, so I kind of let it go..then on Wednesday, I sent V to school with apples slices that come with a 1/2 ounce of caramel for dipping. When I picked him up, he told me he isn't allowed to bring apple slices with caramel any longer, because the caramel isn't healthy. Now, one of the items on "suggested list" is fruit snacks. If you have ever looked at the ingredients in fruit snacks, they should be labeled candy. So, I sent the following message, all names have been altered to protect them.

"Mrs. L (teacher),
I am growing very concerned regarding Mrs. M (asst teacher). V told me today that he is not allowed to bring apple slices with caramel, because the caramel isn't healthy. The amount of caramel is .5 ounce.  Quite honestly, I feel like she is singling him out with what happened on Friday and now this. Apple slices with caramel still has more nutritional value than fruit snacks which is made up of pure sugar, artificial flavors and gelatin.

I am more than willing to come in and meet with you, Mrs. M and Mrs. W (principal).

Please let me know how to proceed. I do not like how things are going."

She responded with:

"I talked with Mrs. M today.  I do feel that she has good intentions, but may have phrased her concerns a little strongly.  I know that V can really take things to heart, and I don't want him to feel that he is being singled out.  Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.  Please contact me if you have any other concerns."

Of course this didn't soothe me completely, so I said:

"Thank you for speaking with Mrs. M. I am still worried, but will see if things do change. If there are any questions or suggestions on things like his coat, or his food, etc. (things a parent is responsible for), I do not want anything said to V. I am the one who dresses him and packs his food. All concerns/questions/suggestions are to be addressed to me directly. I do not want anything said to V, as this undermines my parenting ability in his eyes. I can be reached via email, cell - xxx-xxx-xxxx, work xxx-xxx-xxxx."

She followed up on Friday morning with:
"You are welcome.  Mrs. W (principal) and I have discussed the situation, and I will be monitoring it.  Let's keep in touch regarding this.  I completely understand how you feel about questions/suggestions regarding parental responsibilities going directly to you, so your parenting ability is not undermined.  I was actually thinking about that last night too.  Thank you. "

Seriously...I honestly am watching this, and if there is any retaliation due to my posting this, I am heading to the board and will file a grievance. I have not mentioned any names nor the school. Even my own mother doesn't know how to match up the people/school.

Evidently from what I have heard from my friends, we are not the first to suffer from instances like this. Honestly, as if the teenage years won't be enough.

Tell me, if you are a parent, have you had something similar to your child?

As a child did you have this happen to you?

As a parent what how would you have handled it?


  1. Ive let a lot of things with school slide, because Im not in the room when things occur and my girls have to learn to deal with some situations. But I did have an issue with one teacher when we first moved over. In England we have a few different spellings, honour, colour we keep the U, controlling and similar words we use two Ls, however Elizabeths teacher when she first started school would downgrade her English spellings. I had to go and mention that Elizabeth was 8 years old, had learned English spellings all her life, just moved across the world, and that she needed to be "cut some slack". The teacher was understanding and Elizabeth was excused a few spellings for a short while.

  2. We aren't allowed to pack anything other than fresh fruit or veggies. Fruit cups, pb, caramel are all not allowed due to stickiness and clean up factor.
    I do question the fleece tho, as S wore hers on Friday when it was in the 50's with no question.

  3. wow... while I don't have kids, I am a preschool educational assistant and would never say/undermine a parent like that! It's your call and V should've been allowed to go outside and then if he complained of being cold maybe gone inside...
    The apples with caramel just boggles my mind lol...
    Hopefully the situation isn't anything serious and the assistant is just having a bad week? Hope it goes better for you!!


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