Thursday, March 13, 2014

the good, the bad and the awesome

First the good...

V seemed to heal quickly after surgery, and got back to school quickly.

The bad...he had a rough recovery, barely ate, the medicine made him constipated, and lost a lot of weight. He would wake up every two hours and scream, eat a freezer pop and go back to sleep. It was like I had a newborn again...seriously. He continues to wake up every morning crying. I ask him why and he doesn't know. He has gotten pale again, with dark circles. My fear is that there an underlying condition. He has been off antibiotics for almost a week, and at day 10 is when he would come down with a fever and strep. *bites nails*

Here is a picture of him from last weekend...

You can see he lost weight.

The Awesome...

V got two cards from our running friends, he got a card from another friend, and lots and lots of people who were worried about him and reached out and checked in on us.

We are seriously blessed!

Tell me how can I fatten him up?

We can't wait to go running next week. My running has been non-existent.


  1. Does he like pasta with cream sauces? Or protein shakes/Pediasure? That might help him add on some weight. Or I can just give him some of mine!

  2. Oh my goodness I just caught up on all of this, please email me your address: We met you all just about a year ago, surely he'll remember the "bunnies" he was chasing at Egg Shell Shuffle. :)

  3. Poor thing! I was hopeful that he was doing well. Are you making an appointment to check on an underlying condition?
    ICE CREAM! Will he eat ice cream?

  4. Poor little dude! I hope he is back to normal, soon! :)


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