Wednesday, February 12, 2014

too sick for surgery

As you know V was to have surgery on Thursday for removal of his adenoids and tonsils, but he is currently too sick for the procedure. This is super frustrating as I tried to explain to the ENT last week that he was sick. I mean what do I know? I am not a doctor, only his mother who has been dealing with him being sick in Thanksgiving.

When I picked him up from school on Monday and he was in tears, telling me he didn't feel well. He went straight to bed when we got home. I had to wake him up to get him to eat a frozen push up. Yesterday morning he was again crying saying he didn't feel well. I dropped him off at school because he was scheduled for surgery. When I got to work I called his ENT and left a message. They wanted to see him. School called and said his temp was 101.5 and I had to pick him up. I pretty much expected it, but was trying to keep him in school as much as possible because he has missed so much school. So the ENT has prescribed antibiotics for three weeks. He also lost 1.5 pounds in less than a week. :(

So now his surgery is rescheduled for 2/27.

Onto something more fun..V has discovered youtube.

Have you ever been frustrated with a medical situation?

Do you like youtube too?


  1. Oh, man! Poor V and poor you. :-(
    I thought I'd pop over and check in to see how he did and I'm so sorry to hear that he's still in pain and has to have that surgery rescheduled. You two will continue to be in my thoughts!

  2. I'm so sorry! I hope he can get some relief soon!

  3. Poor kiddo and poor mama. Once he's healthy I'm sure that pound will come back though, but I know how scary that can be. Keeping y'all in my prayers!


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