Sunday, February 9, 2014

I want off this rollercoaster

Lately things haven't been great. Instead of coming here and complaining/talking about things, I have pretty much closed up into my shell and tried to process as it is happening.

I am going to talk about the most important first and the others are not in any order.

1. As you all know V has been having a hard time the last few months with strep. He had it 11/21, 12/14, 12/25, 1/21 and again last Thursday (not confirmed, the doc just said, I am sure it is)

So he is now scheduled for surgery on Thursday. They will be removing his tonsils and adenoids. I am not going to lie. This is going to be super hard on me. I will be going alone with V, he is my only child, it isn't like I have a back up or something (no offense to mom's with more than one child, I don't comprehend/understand how your love works for your children, so please see my side, you might not understand mine either). I am pretty sure I will be a basket case. I don't know how to hide it, harness it, or whatever to make it not rear its ugly head. I will be the one in the waiting room sobbing so hard, scared out of my wits, that I won't be able to hear my name. Yes, it is ugly, but true.

2. V's paternal grandpa has cancer. He has had surgery and will be starting radiation. His docs are expecting a full recovery. I haven't told V, as this will only stress him.

3. V's maternal grandpa was in the hospital, had surgery and was released. (aka my dad)

Honestly...I haven't shared about much except V, because V is my world and my priority.

Onto a more positive things.

We went and saw two movies this weekend. Yesterday was Frozen and it was FAN-TAS-TIC! I will be buying it for sure. It made me cry at least 6 times.

Today we saw The Lego Movie. It was good, but not nearly the caliber as Frozen, maybe if I hadn't just seen Frozen I would have appreciated it more.

Lastly, V's front two teeth have been pretty loose. The one that was the loosest has been hanging lower than the other since Wednesday. I have been expecting to find it gone every day when I go to pick him up and find it lower and closer to the other one. Tonight I took a piece of dental floss, wrapped it around it at the top of the tooth, and crossed the strings and pulled it out. I won't lie. It took three times, that thing didn't want to come out! Hopefully we can get that other one out before Thursday.


  1. I am so sorry things have been rough....I can say, that a tonsillectomy is one of the most routine surgeries done in a hospital, so the threat for something going wrong is less than thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. sorry that there is so much going on. i hope everyone is ok.

    as for the tooth thing, OMG!! he let you do that? my dad used to think of crazy ways to take out our teeth (i am one of 4 kids). but i would never let him do any of them to me (my brothers were all for getting them out sooner).

  3. Oh man! I will be thinking of V and sending positive thoughts! I wonder if someone at the hospital can help you through it?

    And I hope his grandpas are ok!

  4. Sending good vibes to you and V and his grandfathers. Hugs.


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