Sunday, January 26, 2014

V's homework

Here is an example of his homework problem, I am in so much trouble once we hit third grade...that is my assumption based on the fact he is currently 6 and in first grade

"Sam's hamster, Applesauce, had 8 babies. There were 4 males and 4 females. When they were 6 weeks old, the females each had 6 babies, 3 males and 3 females. This time Sam knew he had to separate them as soon as they were old enough. The pet store told him to put them into separate cages at 4 weeks. How many cages will Sam need if he wants the females and males in different cages? The pet store also told him there should be no more than 3 hamsters in each cage. Show your cages below. Please explain your answer."

Seriously..he is 6!

Secondly.."this time San knew he had to separate them as soon as they were old enough" WTF!!!! Why is this even in there???

Anyone want to be his tutor??


  1. Wow, I was a third grade teacher and this would be tough for them! Is this a math Exemplar by chance?

    1. I don't think so, just part of his math packet

  2. i probably could figure this out but it would take a while. LOL. im sure there are tricks that i dont know.

    you need 5.6 cages for the females (i included the mother in that number FYI), so 6 cages cause there is no such thing as a 0.6 cage. and 5.3 cages for the males, or another 6 cages, so 12 cages all together. am i anywhere close? but i dont account for the original father in there.

    i think they throw in those other numbers to trip you up.


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