Wednesday, January 29, 2014

that day I ran

If you follow me on facebook (ok if you don't, why not???!?!!? come follow me) You probably already know that I signed up for a weight loss challenge at work. Of course that means I had to "weigh in". Now I hadn't weighed myself in over a year, I used to work downtown with over a 1.3 mile walking commute each way to/from the train, and I knew I have been gaining weight due to how my clothes are fitting, but honestly I wasn't ready for that number. I don't know if you ever are..but boy oh boy did I want to cry.

So I got up this morning at 2:30 due to over cuddly kitty cats, when I went to turn over, I fell out of bed. I had approximately 6 inches of space. I was not impressed, and almost moved to the couch. But I thought that is crazy, why would I let them have MY bed..yeah..I should have just moved. Anyway..I had planned on getting on dready this morning and run/walk. So I pulled myself out of bed and literally climbing over cats (I ONLY have two, I know it sound like more, but they wouldn't move) and got on the treadmill. Now, I haven't been really "training" or "running", no surprise..I know, so I figured I would walk two minutes and then walk two. Seems like a good way to ease back into it, or so I thought. Well, at my 2:01 mark, I started out...I ran, and ran and ran. I wore my Walk2Run Dick Ponds red shirt, which gave me inspiration. I also was listening to Pandora on V's iPad..this helped a lot, it drowned out all of the noise my brain was making. So I was going to stop running at 30 minutes...I was running jogging at an easy pace, so I figured why stop now, let's finish 3 miles of pure running jogging. So I did 3 miles without stopping for walking/bathroom/coffee/etc. It did take me 37 minutes, (yes I am as slow as a turtle going through a vat of peanut butter) but you know what..I did it! I haven't jogged 3 miles without stopping in years!

Tomorrow is another new day, and I am going to try to find some beginner yoga moves or maybe some youtube videos to do some muscle building and some rest from the run. I am honestly feeling it, but am excited how well it went today.

Do you get super excited when you have a good run?

Do you want to come and run jog with us?

How can I get faster (besides keep running and lose weight)?


  1. So proud of you!!! Hitting those big moments are huge! You'll get faster as your endurance level grows. Of course, this is coming from a fellow turtle, so take my advice with a grain of salt ;-).

  2. That is so awesome! Man! What a great feeling to keep going! And please don't make slow comments about yourself. Be proud of your efforts! (That is my winter pace outside and I don't think of myself as slow)

  3. I'm so happy you had a good run! Those are the best kind :) and don't get down on yourself for your pace. We are all at different parts of the running journey. Echoing Kim- be proud of yourself for each run you do. And with consistency, you will get faster. :)


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