Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hey all, sorry we haven't been around. You know when you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything? Well...that has been my stand.

Let's start with good...V and I are currently signed up for two races. We signed up for the Egg Shell Shuffle quite awhile ago. Today we signed up for Fox Valley Marathon half marathon (for me) and the Kids' marathon for V. We also might be signing up for the color run in Wheaton in April. Are you running any of these? If so, let us know!!

Now for some not so great news...I got a call from V's ped doc on Monday night, that when they sent out his "strep carrier test" it came back as an active case of strep. If you recall, I felt he had strep..and the doc pretty much laughed in my face, since his tonsils were swollen but pink, and not red. So now he is on another 10 day regime of antibiotics. If you are keeping track, this is the 4th episode in less than two months. If you ask me, he has been sick this entire time. But I am not a doctor.

My work is helping me figure out the referral thing. His ped is in a different group from the ENT I want him to see at my work. Different medical groups all covered by our insurance, and they are not able to refer from outside of the groups. Lucky for me I work with great people who are figuring out for me.

Lastly, I am sick of this cold..I know, it is January. But I am ready for spring.

How many races are you signed up for in 2014?

Do you get frustrated by medical stuff?

Who is ready for spring too?


  1. Aww yay for Fox Valley again! :) Egg shell sounds cool too. Im only signed up for one race so far this year. I'm taking it easy with races and seeing how things go.

    I hope all of V's medical stuff gets sorted out soon. That is super frustrating!

  2. Poor kiddo :(

    I'm thinking of doing the egg shell shuffle again this year - I did it last year and it was fun! I have 1 10K and then a season pass for Muddy Monk I got for Christmas so...a lot? xD

  3. I hope V is better soon!

    Yay for signing up for some races!


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