Thursday, October 30, 2014

how did the appt go?

As you know, last night, I dropped a bit a if you want to know how the appointment on..

So, as I mentioned, I have horrible anxiety. By the time I made it into the doctor's office, I was sweating profusely, and my heart was badly, my blood pressure was sky high. Which means I have to monitor it for the next 4 weeks.

Also...I did get referrals for the spot on my arm and to see the foot doc. I was to get an xray today, but I figured we can do it tomorrow (I am off, because V doesn't have school).

On the anxiety/depression she prescribed me something for the anxiety. I am to start taking a half pill for a week and then to the full pill. I am still having issues with actually taking the is only 10:34.

I do want to thank everyone for their kind words, and understanding.

OH and news....I did go running tonight with our running group and my foot is still sore.


Tell me..if you ever got injured, how long were you out?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Let's talk about something that no one talks about...or it is and people judge..well...let's get it out there and talk about anxiety.

First of all, no judging from me if you have anxiety or if you don't. I happen to have it. I actually suffer from it ..and tomorrow I have a doctor appointment to have her look at my foot, look at a spot on my inner arm, that I am nervous is possible skin cancer (another subject for another time), and for anxiety and depression. WOAH...look at that...just threw in another thing for the judgers out there to judge me on. And you can guess that I am having a lot of anxiety about having to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Anyone who knows me, probably already guesses these...but unsure, because I don't talk about it. I was seeing a therapist when I got pregnant with V. Want to know why? Are you sure?? Well here it is. I was living in Chicago, and I could see how easy it would be to step in front of a train. I wasn't going to act on it..I sought out help, then I was saved by a baby, that pretty much put a Band-Aid on the situation. The kind of Band-Aid that you know it should heal and be gone...but this hasn't healed and gotten better. I can't afford lots of therapy (physical or mental) and so I am going to ask for advice on if there are meds that can help. I am scared of side effects, and weight gain. I know part of my problem is my weight..and I can't seem to keep it going. I fall off the wagon daily.

I also have anxiety that my foot issues will require more than rest. Oh my list of anxiety items would keep you up at night too.

On top of all of this fun, the social worker at V's school is putting him into an anxiety group. This makes me very sad...because what anxiety is making him have anxiety. I have no idea if this is even possible. But I am sure he deserves a better life, where his Momma is getting sleep, and taking better care of herself.

Please keep in mind if you are leaving a comment on this post, that you have no idea what my life is like, just as I have no idea what your life is like. So keep it respectful.

Anyone else with depression/anxiety issues? If so, how do you manage it?

(now I am trying to find the strength to hit publish..because the whole world will now know...)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

fed up and taking (some) action

So as you all know, my stupid foot has not gotten better, in fact, my other stupid foot is now getting angry as it has been compensating for angry foot 1. I have an appointment this Thursday with my PCP to get a referral to get it looked at. (and many additional referrals, nothing like waiting to get them all done at once. I do have a 'spot' that has changed ugly in the last couple of months too)

Since I have been taking time off to try to get my stupid foot (1 and 2) to get better, the weight loss I have been quietly trying to make happen, has completely stopped and possibly going in reverse. I am sure when I see the doc, they will have lots to say on this subject. I have been trying to also cut costs and calories of eating out, and trying to eat in. I need some meal/recipe ideas. We are currently working on our weekly menu so we can hit up the grocery store tomorrow.

I have been VERY quiet about something happening with one of V's activity. I do not like the lack of parental supervision of 2 of the kids, (the first outing the kids were running and trying to climb the walls with their shoes, and the 'rents ignored it, this isn't all, this is EVERYTIME) so, I reached out over a month ago, and asked how I could help, before I pulled V out and found a different, and hopefully more disciplined group to hang out with. So rumor was to split them with me being a leader of one of the groups, all sorts of drama happened, I got 'attacked with words' from one parent about 'how it was my idea to split, etc..' all sorts of drama. This wasn't my idea. I was just trying to figure out how to make it better. Long story didn't happen..nothing was said for over a attacked by another parent...and so at this fall he will be changing groups..hopefully he is up for it, otherwise I am pulling him and not looking back. I don't want him involved with misbehaved children. (I do understand he needs to learn how to behave when others aren't, but if I can control a situation where he isn't exposed, why wouldn't I pull him?)

I completely miss running. I am not going to lie..I feel funny typing that..but I do miss getting out, getting out of breath and miss my running friends like crazy. It might be the friends the most. I run with some of the best people out there. (I am sure every running group feels the same way)

So hopefully I will get these stupid feet back on board for running. Hopefully the meal planning helps with the weight loss, and helps me for not hitting up a drive thru, since I have no plan.

Tell me, have you been injured? How do stay in contact with your friends?

Do you plan your meals? If so, do you use a program? If not, and you have a great recipe, can you share it?

Finally do you agree with controlling childhood friends? Parents- do you do it? Non parents - did you parents do this to you? (I will not accept angry comments on this subject, I firmly believe it is a parents right to help keep them on the right road controlling influences)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camping at Devils Lake

So my last post I kept mentioning Starved Rock...and it was WRONG. We were at Devil's Lake, WI. I was obviously exhausted.

So let me shower you in pictures of more fun we had.

night one..a balmy 29 degrees

I had not slept in a sleeping bag for years. I might have tried flipping over in my sleep only to have flipped over the cot...twice.

our the woods...with lots of critters visiting at night

hunting for twigs to start the fire

he found a friend

hiking day two

V tripped over a tree root and landed 6 inches from this edge...I almost lost it

again from where I almost lost V.

hike 2 of the day (day 2)
...and look at these views

This was all eroded, and we had to climb rocks/slide down on our butts/cross creeks by slippery, mossy rocks.

It's hard to tell, but it was really hard through this hike.

here is a better idea of what we were climbing over, and you can see V on the rock to the left, in the gray and blue.

We honestly had an amazing time. We went with friends, and it was just a lot of fun. I don't know if I would have gone on either hike if it wasn't for my adventure seeking friends.

I would recommend Devil's Lake to anyone. It was completely beautiful there.

Where is your favorite state/national park?

Do you hike? I was told this isn't hiking, but 'bouldering'. I had never heard of this before.

I was just SOOOO happy to not have seen a snake. I HATE snakes.

Monday, October 13, 2014

quickie - from our family camping outing - bad..not Starved Rock, but Devil's Lake. :/

If you follow me on facebook, you already have seen many photos from our trip. I just wanted to share that hiking in Starved Rock hiking trails (should read Devil's Lake) is not for those that think it is easy.

On Saturday, we climbed up balance rock and saw a medic helicopter, we found out today via the radio on the way home a 54 yr old male fell, and is in critical condition in Madison. :(

our trek up

taking a break, you can see our path is vertical

at the top and exhausted

at the end and resting, while waiting for our group

Isn't it beautiful? It was .4 mile straight uphill.

the trek down was a bit hard, we did the CCC trail, thinking it would be easier, but if you look at that first link, it isn't easy at all.

So, we had a good time, this was by far the hardest hike I have ever done. My screaming knee and foot didn't appreciate the good time. They protested with swelling and soreness. (I was hoping by now I would be feeling much more like 100%).

Have you ever been to starved rock  Devil's Lake?
Do you like to hike? I learned quickly next time I need other shoes than running shoes...they are way too slippery.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rollerskating, Morton Arb Fall Color 5k Recap and reminder my giveaway ends tonight!

Let's go out of is the link for giveaway (opens in a new window, it ends tonight go now and enter)

Yesterday, V was invited to a roller skating birthday party. He had never been roller skating until yesterday, which is sort of ridiculous due to the fact that we could have walked to the rink. We didn't due to the weather.

starting out

getting braver

By the end he was doing great. He wants to go back.

Today we went to the Morton Arb Fall Color 5k My stupid foot still isn't cooperating, I probably should go see a doctor. I did wear my compression socks to the race. It is a hilly race, and my goal was to finish. I was really hopeful for V.

He ended up starting up with the 9 min mile group. I moved to the back of the runners. I then looked back and saw the whole group of runners with strollers, and figured I really didn't want to get run over, so I moved to the back of the walkers.

So I did ok, it was MUCH better than my half marathon even though stupid foot was being annoying.

I crossed the finish line and V found me right away and told me, "I finished in 29:00 I have a new PR!" So I took his picture.

We got his official results and he finished 5th in his division (1-10, he is 7) and he finished in 28:29. He had a huge PR! I am so proud of him. He is a bit sad he didn't do better (because he is hard on himself) but he will get there...whom am I kidding, he is already there.

So anyway..the recap...V did awesome!

OH you want a real recap? The race is great, every year it is awesome. I don't even know many times we have done this race.

The volunteers are great! It started exactly on time. It is a smaller race, just over 1500 people ran it. We always arrive early to find good parking. We sit in our car until it gets closer.

Will we do it again? You betcha! We will see you there next year!

Did you run this weekend? Tell me where and how you did.

Are you as proud of V as I am?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

stupid foot, hangry boy and a GIVEAWAY! - winner !!!! Was it you?

Hey let's start with more ugly...

Last week, I had completed the Fox Valley Half Marathon (if I was a good blogger, I would have linked you up, ok I did you are welcome)

As you experience (again..should be linking you up to my last entry, just did) was nothing less than horrible.

My stupid foot has hurt since the half. Initially it hurt on the top of my foot south of my big toe. I won't lie, my foot is swollen..ok both are, but Stupid Foot is much more swollen than Stupid Foot 2.

We actually took some time off, we had done our walk2run with our favorite walk2run and other running groups  (OK maybe I should really start linking you up, you are welcome, check them out) last Monday, and didn't do much after that until last night, as V had strep (AGAIN) and so it goes. So we went out last night for more Walk2Run and my suspicions are making it more clear...I am pretty sure I might have a stress fracture..or maybe 2. :( My newest most painful spot is on the side of my foot. In the SAME foot.

Tonight we hit up our FastTrackTeam and we only completed a mile. V was HANGRY. He has been eating out of house and home lately. He was also COLD. I thought he was dressed warm enough, but it turns out he wasn't. Another parenting fail....OH..hey wait..want to hear another parenting fail? I told V the other night to grab a yogurt to supplement his undying hunger. I was working on laundry, I came around the corner to find him finishing a gogurt. I didn't even realize we had any gogurt...turns out it expired in July. He survived with no issues. (#parentingfail)

OK...moving on!


I received an offer from the Spartan Race Giveaway. They are giving away one entry for one of the following: Miller Park Sprint (in Milwaukee, WI), or Dallas Beast or Sprint, or Mississippi Spartan Sprint. The prices are from $75-$200 depending on the race.

We have not done one of their races, we are not at all compensated for this giveaway, this is a compilation of getting the word out of a great time/adventure/fun with Spartan. We are not even compensated an entry for ourselves.

That being said, I am changing things up a bit. I have in the past changed my settings for note leaving, because of the spam. So you can leave a note on my blog or a note on my facebook link of this blog entry (you must be a friend/follower on FB) to enter this giveaway. I do request if you think this is a great giveaway, and know you can't make one of the races, you just like my entry, as this won't give you an entry into the giveaway. (as you must comment in the note part of my facebook to be entered)

Please keep in mind the only thing I am giving away is ONE entry to one of these races (not a kid's race, yes I asked) this does include transportation nor hotel accommodations, this is your own expense.

This contest closes at 9:00 pm CST on 10/5. I will contact you if you are the winner.

We hope you do share your experience after your run! It looks great!

Tell me, do you have an angry foot? How about a hangry child?

Are you excited to see if you win??

A HUGE Congratulations to Seth! I left him note to email me, and Seth if you see this first, please email me at! I can't wait to hear about your race!