Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother of the Moment Award

So V had a bit of a tough race, I told you all about it from last Saturday..the best part..his own Mother..aka me..didn't realize he PR'd (5 seconds) and wait a full 4 days to start celebrating. Please send my tiara over.  I should set up a therapy fund for when he grows up, I mean college will be expensive enough.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wardrobe malfunction and is it my shoes?

So as I have been whining about, my knee has been bothering me, as well as my feet, calves, get the picture. I was informed on Friday that I have a 'runner's knee'. So I massaged, and stretched a lot on Saturday before our 5k, and decided on wearing my old shoes, just in case my new shoes might not be supporting my stupid feet enough. I felt pretty good on Saturday, still felt a lot of lingering pain (not crying level pain), so I took it easy. I thought it was the stretching/massaging that made the difference. Last night, we met up with our walk2run group and I wore my new shoes. I ended up almost in tears, before we were 7 minutes in. I stopped running, tried to stretch it out...tried running..walking..tried running, you get the picture. Needless to say, I limped the rest of the way, and was really frustrated.

TMI can skip past this next paragraph...

Tonight we were heading to fast track party, and I decided to try my old shoes. So we took off for our warmup before everyone else arrived, and well..that is when things got ugly. I am sure you are thinking my feet/legs..but no..wardrobe malfunction of my running bra....either it has gotten stretched out, or maybe I have lost a bit of weight (I hope it is the latter) and as I would run, it would ride up (aka over). embarrassing, as I am attempting to pull it down, and wouldn't stay put. There was no way I could run that way. V finished running his 4000, and I walked/jogged 3500 by the time the track party was getting started, since I wasn't dressed appropriately, we headed out.


So after we left our friends we headed to the grocery store, for some silly reason when we stopped at the store Saturday afternoon after the 5k and 1.5hours of swimming at a birthday party, we obviously weren't very focused, as we only bought bananas for we picked up watermelon, pineapple, apples, and raspberries. V wanted soup, so he got tomato basil...I wish I was more like him and naturally picked healthy foods.

Do you navigate naturally to healthy foods?

What is your favorite healthy food?

Please tell me wardrobe malfunctions have happened to others..please tell me what they were.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recap on Eggshell Shuffle and more

Today V and I headed out to Busse Woods for the Eggshell Shuffle. We ran into Mo from iheartpikermis and we hung out with her before she started her half, we didn't get a picture. I need to work on this.

Afterwards I ran into heather from heather26point2 and she snapped this picture of us. Again, I am a bad blogger. And I have a lot of wrinkles #obviously

So let's talk about he recap...we picked up our packets Friday night, with no wait. We arrived at 7am this morning to be sure we had parking. Everyone talks about the parking, and honestly it isn't the best. Finding the location is also difficult, as is not able to locate it at all. I was able to reach out to other local bloggers who confirmed which exit to take. I feel it would be beneficial if they included directions for those not familiar with the location.

We sat in the car, listened to the radio, we were much warmer than being outside, and waited to hear that others had arrived via facebook.

So when Mo (see above) reached out that she was there, we got our things and braved the cold, and went to hang out with her. Hanging out with other crazy running friends is fun for sure. 

After she headed out, we saw the Easter Bunny and Chick come out, and V met them...

I actually took a bunch of pictures of this awesome bunny but didn't upload them.  After that, we went over to watch Mo and our friend Jean cross over the 2 mile markers before we lined up for the 5k. I took pictures of both, but I am still trying to figure out my new phone and why not all pictures will upload to facebook. I got a new phone two weeks ago and still having problems switching between my personal and professional accounts.

So V and I decided to he would run on his own and we had a mutual meeting point. Most of this route is out and back, and out and back. I knew I would be a lot slower than V, but figured I would get my 3 miles in as exercise.

When I passed the 2 mile marker, the 3 mile goes out and back, and I see V on the side, walking and sobbing. I won't lie. My heart broke so bad. I almost turned and went back with him with a DNF. I gave him water, a hug and told him to be strong. He ended up going too fast, and was frustrated, as he couldn't breathe. Honestly...this hurt my heart more than I can express. I hated this. I will say he ended up finding out at the end he finished in 32:49 which is a huge location PR. Last year he ran this course in 48 minutes. He ran faster last fall at the Morton Arboretum, but not by much. Had he not freaked out 3 peeps who passed him wouldn't have, and he wouldn't have gotten 6th in his division, but 3rd. Maybe we will try again next year.

Afterwards I didn't stop for food, I went directly to V and I put him on my lap and he and I sobbed together. Then I left him to grab food. I waited in line for 25 minutes and that was crazy. Many runners or supporters pushed through in a rude manner to grab food. It was only on one side, and it didn't make sense it wasn't two sided, and honestly if you see a line of people, why would you be rude?

Then there was the egg hunts. There were two. The first one was for10 and under, for all. The second was for all runners with a bib. One guy made a comment to me when V went our for his second one and how that wasn't fair. I was quick to advise him that he was eligible.

I want to also share, I found an egg with $5 in it! Booya!

After we ran out of there, we ran home for a super fast shower and wardrobe change. We got home at12:10 and then ran back out at12:20 for a birthday party where V swam for1.5 hrs.

We ended up running errands after that. He is exhausted.

This is the longest entry (time wise) I have ever done. I took a nap in the middle, and fought with my phone for how come I can't upload all sorts of new pictures.

What do you want to see? The pictures I can't post? I frustrated.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

possible injury, running groups, sick and egg hunt

Ok...lots going on...let's take this bit by bit.

My left knee is swollen. I have been having pain in both legs, in my calves, in my shins, in my right hip. I do have new shoes..I wish my chiropractor was closer (not to mention my insurance would cover a chiropractor). I am sure my hip or hips are out, as I am also having tightness in my mid back. As you probably have it figured out, I have a desk job, so not a lot of movement. I need to make many dates with the foam roller, the stick and ice packs. These are all such awesome ideas, but let's be honest...they hurt, and I haven't done any since we got home, I am currently sitting here with a laptop on my lap and a cat try to lay on top of the keyboard, which makes typing fun.

Moving on, and out of order, because I am too lazy to go and fix the title.

Sick..bleh...I came down hard with a sinus cold this week. Yesterday was by far the worst. People at work told me I looked bad..yeah so not fun. I have been staying far away from our #BostonBound friends all week. Between hurting everywhere, and not being able to breathe, my workouts have mostly been walking. I am not going to even try to fib it. V told me tonight when we were out for our #funeasteregghuntrun "at least you are getting in some exercise Momma". He is the best little coach ever.

Now for the most fun part, and I completely wish I took pictures. This entire idea completely amazing...everyone knows we love Dick Ponds Lisle you might just see us on the camera roll.

Anyway..back to tonight. We go to Dick Pond Lisle on Thursday nights for a 3 or 4 mile fun run. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is welcoming, so of course we go. Tonight there was an egg hunt along the way, and again,  I am a bad blogger as I got no photos and because there were these adorable egg cut outs glued to popsicles sticks. And on each stick there was a number attached,1-100. Each egg won a prize, some were plastic eggs full of chocolate candy, journals, sports beans, shirts, etc. I didn't see all of the winners, and their prizes...we ran into some of the bunnies along course pointing to where there were eggs for us...we were near the tail end, and it was so nice of the volunteers to be out there, making sure everyone found an egg or two..for V's case..3..shh..not sure that is to be public. So yeah...let's keep that between us..

Honestly such a cute and amazing idea. I  have said it before and I will say it over and over and over, but we are so lucky and blessed to have found such and amazing (#smallbusiness #shoplocal) store, support system, running groups and friends (I hope the group thinks it is ok I called them "friends", I mean we aren't all facebook official and all..yikes!;)

If John posts pictures, I will ask him if I can snag them to share, honestly it was the best time.

Ok..tell me are you running Eggshell Shuffle Saturday? I need someone to run with V, only the 5k..not the half. Last year was his first 5k and he finished in 48 minutes. He wants redemption, and a course PR..ok my words, not his, he wants "to see how much faster he can do it this year". I can't keep up with aforementioned issue(s). If you are willing to run with him, please let me know. I am guessing 32-33 minutes...nothing crazy. (Unless you are me, then that time is crazy).

Tell me about your running group and how they make it your favorite.

Tell me when you are coming to join us with our group, so I can be sure we will be there, even if I walk the course.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recap of our first 10k at the Morton Arboretum

As you all know, today we ran our very first 10k as ambassadors for Dick Ponds Lisle at the Morton Arboretum Arbor Day 10k

We ran into our friend Deb before we started. It was cold, and I was wondering if we would warm up on the course.

Boy let me tell you ...we really warmed up..I came home all crusty with salt.

So V ran with Denise who is the manager of Dick Ponds in Lisle. She is amazing...

So we set off, and I lost them within the first mile. I have trouble the first mile whenever I body and head thinks running is stupid..and I start feeling better after mile 1.

By mile 3, my feet were both numb. Not painful, but uncomfortable. I stopped and loosened my shoe laces..and tried my best to get it to stop.

There was a boy younger than V who was running too. He made it his goal to beat me...he did.

While I was just about a half mile from the finish, I see Denise running back to run with me. So nice! I have never had someone do that for me. As we made it around the bend, John from the running groups joined us and ran with me. (They are both running Boston next weekend)

As Denise and I were running she was telling me how great V did, and mile 5 was his fastest. Evidently, at the end he told her she held him back too much. LOL...want to know how much she held him back???

They finished in 1:11:50. I think he did an awesome job!

I finished about 11 minutes later than V. He told me he was getting worried about me. LOL


This race started exactly on time. There were 3 water stations (I think), I saw one portapotty on the course, not sure if I missed others. There were a bunch at the start, when I used it, I didn't have to wait. There were a ton of volunteers on the course, I tried to thank all of them.

The pros (or it can be a con), this is an extremely hilly course..well for this was well organized, signs, volunteers, etc, you never had to guess where to turn.

I think what really helped me was knowing V was in good hands, he was having fun, the awesome support of the people from our running groups and Dick Ponds.

Thank you again for having us be ambassadors. We had a great time!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

the bad and so excited for tomorrow...

So do you want the good or the bad first??

Let's start with a picture of V...because that is always good

Now..I didn't take this picture, his grandpa did.

This was on Friday at his soccer practice.
So let's move on to my stress from the past week at work. I currently work at a hospital, and there is an organization, that we pay (as do all of the other hospitals) to come in and make sure we are doing everything correctly. Well they showed up for disease specific as well as the once every three year surprise visit. We did great, I was in seven..yes SEVEN meetings with them...and I won't go into detail what my role is, but we did great! Just extremely stressful, as this was my first rodeo.
Another stressor...(aka bad news) Friday morning I got a call from my SIL (aka sister-in-law) telling me my Dad was taken via ambulance to the hospital in the middle of the night. He had a really high fever and ended up in the ICU, wasn't making any sense..was sepic...and is currently in surgery. I have debated on hopping into the car and heading back..but not sure if I need to..V has missed 9 days of school this year, we received a letter from the school and they notified the state...I am sure it is routine, but still.
Ok..back to happier things..

We went to our favorite store, and got V a Very Berry smoothie..

We also went to Barnes and Noble...and got him....
1001 kids jokes..and he was in heaven...

Tomorrow we are running our very first 10K at Morton Arboretum, we are ambassadors with our favorite running store Dick Pond Lisle. We are so honored... and so excited!

Tell me something great about your weekend?

What is your favorite 'clean' joke that I can tell an almost 7 yr old?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let me tell you how amazing our running group and Dick Pond of Lisle is

So if you read my post yesterday, you saw I was concerned about letting V run alone for our 10k this weekend. Well..this has been solved.

First of all, we are running the Morton Arbortem Arbor Day 10k Run as Ambassadors for our favorite running store Dick Pond Lisle, the store manager Denise (whom was also V's kid's marathon coach last summer) who asked us to be the ambassadors...this is our first ever offer, and I am so proud to be an ambassador to this amazing store. I can't tell you enough how amazing and welcoming everyone is in this store and the running groups..yes I said "groupS". We attempt to go 3 nights a week.

So, I posted my last post about my concerns regarding letting V run a 10k by himself and my concerns for his safety. Denise, the manager, who offered us ambassadorship, has offered to run it with V, at his pace. What you also don't know, Denise is super fast, was a professional coach/teacher, now an amazing coach at the store, (and she helps me with form)  will be running the Boston marathon in a few weeks. This is obviously a top notch store, with incredible knowledge.

Coach Britt, is our Monday night walk2run coach. She is amazing! She is a personal coach..and we get her knowledge for free...remember I am a single Mom. I like free. Not to mention she is full of knowledge. She was the first female to finish the half marathon I ran last fall. Yes..I know amazing people!

The first time (ok, the only time so far) we went to fast track, John a regular in the group, stayed back and helped me through my drills, and he is the reason I wouldn't let myself puke.

Mike is another regular in the group, who tonight (as every week) chalks the two paths for the 3 miler and the 4 miler fun run. We run the 3 miler, and he chalked a path to a pond (about 3 feet) with a turn around. When V saw that, he started laughing so hard..we are the only ones who normally do the 3 miler, but thought it was a great thing to do, and it really made V laugh. I am happy to report he also spots puke, and circles it with "Vomit ?" and I wish I had a picture..but it would make you me..I dry heaved out there.

I really recommend the store, the staff, the locals/running peeps.

Who wants to join us? We have a lot of fun!

OOH and there are discounts, or special offers on the running nights!

Oh there is Saturday trail/long runs, we haven't participated in these...I feel it is past our ability.