Wednesday, September 10, 2014

green smoothies review - my opinions, not a paid entry

As many of you well know, V and I are huge fans of Marianos fresh green smoothies.


Well, V informs me Tuesday morning as I am trying to usher him out the door, he needs to have a healthy breakfast for testing that day. He normally eats breakfast as school. I suggested we hit the drive thru at McD's and he said, "Momma that isn't healthy, take me to Marianos for a smoothie". So I suggested running over to Jamba Juice for a smoothie, as it is much closer and we were already running late. We got to Jamba Juice at 6:56 to find out they open at 7.

So we waited the 4 minutes while the worker inside literally stared at us waiting outside. (Super awkward) and debated on our selections. I don't remember the actual names of what we ordered, but V got a mango one and I got a kale/peach/banana one. I watched them mix them up, they added scoops of stuff and ice, and 'juice'.  They were absolutely awful. There were many chunks in mine, and it wasn't well mixed at all.

When we get them at Marianos, they are scooping in real ingredients (that are frozen, or fresh and I believe organic), handfuls of greens...fresh greens. NO ICE! Completely well mixed and about 30% less of a price tag.

We LOVE Marianos. WE LOVE Marianos' smoothies, we haven't been compensated in any way or form, all of our smoothies have been purchased. However if you have a giftcard laying around you won't use, we would be happy to use it for our smoothie addiction.:)

Tell me your favorite place to get a healthy smoothie.

Do you ever go to Jamba Juice?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

open and honest re 12 miles

Ok..this will be a very raw entry. If you don't like it, do not agree, have issues with this...etc..please move on. This is just an entry of where I am and where I want to be. (remember what your Grandma told you, if you can't say anything nice, do not say anything at all)

Now that we have that out of the might have seen on my facebook page, I did 12 miles on Wednesday. This is a very easy way for me to get in my longest run before the half marathon, on V's first day of school. I can do it outside (which I have done in the past, this year was inside, because last year I got freaked out, and didn't want to get kidnapped/die/do it alone) but instead I did it on the dreadmill. I don't want to admit, but it was a really hard 12 miles.

you have to add 100 minutes

As you all know, I am SLOW..imagine a turtle running through a vat of peanut butter...that is how fast I run. I do a walk/run, actually 3 run/1 walk. It is much easier for me on the dreadmill, but on the track..I fall apart. It is crazy. I can easily jog over a .25 mile on the treadmill, but while at the track, running over a 200m  is HARD.

Have I mentioned before, how hard my brain makes things?

On top of this fun, my newest shoes (which is the same shoes as I have been running in, but new) are giving me shin splits. OK, not fun at all. I have been foam rolling, using the stick, resting more than I should be for half marathon training, etc.

I gave in on Wednesday, used my completely worn out/toe pushing out shoes and didn't have an issue with shin splints. So obviously I need to break in my new shoes.

Also, I will probably use my old, worn out shoes for the half marathon coming up. I honestly don't know how to make this better.

As you all know, we go running with some amazing people. They all make it look so effortless. I am completely out of my mind jealous. Not the kind of jealous, where I want them injured, but the kind of jealous, where I want to look the way they do, and run and run and run and not be so winded, and hurting and my stupid brain telling me, 'this is hard, what are you thinking, you can't do this'.

This will be my 4th half marathon with Fox Valley, and last year I hobbled through injured and crying at the finish. This year, I wanted it to be different, and yet...I am scared I will be crying once again when I cross that finish line.

I really know this whole running thing would be easier if I would lose the weight, but it hard to lose the weight. I like to eat/drink.

Please send lots of prayers/strength to me for the half marathon.

Monday, August 25, 2014


If you have been reading me for awhile, you heard about how I gave V 25 days of experiences instead of presents for Christmas.

Well, camping was one of those experiences. So we finally went camping this weekend. We just got home today. I first have to say, V was a fantastic helper, and very well behaved.

got the tent up

only one tree on our lot, so I had to make do for our clothesline

later on we danced with everyone

we played with a glowing balloon

our selfie

lookie what I made!

breakfast fun

mini golf

private showing of Cars 2 at the bring your chair theater. \

There is more, swimming, toy shark hunting us down (wish I had a video of this), paddle boating, uno, backgammon, ice cream, candy bingo...etc...we had a blast!

I am happy to report, I still have all of my limbs and eyebrows. V was sad to leave this morning, but is happy to be home. He has recommended that we add another camping weekend. :)

Tell me, where is your favorite place to camp and why.

Did you eat very little while camping? We consumed maybe half as much as normal (and much more active)

I ended up with horrible clusters of bites, that happened in the grass. No matter the amount of bug spray it didn't help. Any ideas on what I came encountered with? They are I never saw them, it was an all of a sudden...OUCH!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

time flies when we are having fun

Not quite sure where to begin, we have been busy. It amazes me that summer is almost over. V goes back to school in a week and a half. Next weekend we are attempting our first camping trip. Hopefully, I will come back with eyebrows. ;) We have our second trip booked for Columbus Day weekend. It is amazing the amount of things you need. I am hoping we enjoy this so much, we go a lot more times.

The Fox Valley Marathon (I am doing the half) is approaching quickly. I got my long run in yesterday on the dready.

Just add 100 minutes to the total


After that, I hopped in the shower and we went to Active at the Arb, and we saw a bunch of our running group friends. V did the plank challenge and he made it to 4:15. So proud of my strong boy. One of the guys joked it wasn't fair as he is only like 50 pounds....LOL

We went over to where the children's yoga was to take place, and V stated on the way, he didn't want to do it. Come to find out, it is his yoga instructor from camp.

While we were there we signed up for the Morton Arb Fall Color 5K (it opens in a new window, go register too).

V has really been hungry lately. One night this week, he ate two suppers. Yesterday, he ate the adult version of quesadillas. I ate the kids meal, and he got the drink.

yes, he ate the whole thing, and then had dessert later at the pool
We hit up the pool yesterday afternoon, where I soaked my legs. I am still having a lot of discomfort (last night was painful). I need to foam roll and use the stick. I do plan on going to get my toes done today, and I might pay for the extra massage.

Later today V has a boy scout pool party, so we have that, and we need to clean.

How do you recover from your long run?

Any plans for today?

Tell me what your favorite Mexican restaurant is, ours is around the corner from our house.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

so much to share

For starters, I finished my 100 miles in July. I am not planning on doing this challenge again any time soon. It was a good thing to do. I know many people who run over 100 a week. I also know even more who run way over 100 a month. This was really hard for me. This took a lot of time, as I run as fast as a turtle through a vat of peanut butter. But, I am happy to report it is completed.

On a related note, I learned yesterday, that I won the grand prize drawing and I won a LifeTrak! So exciting!

So I also stopped by my favorite running store and ordered myself some new Mizuno Inspires. My feet are so big, they don't even carry my size, but were more than happy to order them for me. I have been running in some really old shoes, where my foot is coming through the side..yes..not good. So I can't wait for them to come in.

I am now back into half marathon training. I had 7 miles on the schedule for today. It was an extremely hard run, all due to my mind. The first 4 miles was torture, and it was on the dreadmill, and that makes it worse. I kept watching the how far to go vs. how much longer until I walk (I do a walk/run program). I finished my 7 miles in 89 minutes. At mile 3 I had to stop and grab some fruit snacks for fuel. I forgot to pick up my favorite Honey Stingers at Dick Pond in Lisle when I was there multiple

So V was up way too early, so we hit up our fav grocery store for post run smoothie, produce, milk and butter (we want to make cookies).

we had picked up a green smoothie for when I was done with my 7 miler
then we were off to a local place similar to Chucky Cheese...we had tokens since right before he had his surgery and he wanted to go. So we get there and find they were having a 99 cent sale for any rides/go karts/laser tag. Such a good deal! It is also tomorrow from 10 - 1.

after that I needed food/water and a nap.

How is your weekend going?

How many miles did you get in today?

Are you lucky like me and win something recently?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

busy and awesome weekend around here

First off, I have been keeping it a bit quiet on my blog (as I have been MIA), but it has been all over my facebook page...I am quickly approaching my tail end of 100 miles in July. I will not ever do this again. I know for some of you who run double digits daily and run well over 100 miles a week, find me to be a bit of a whiner...well..yes..yes I am. I whine. I am S-L-O-W! This has been nothing but a challenge, as I much prefer sitting on my couch.... (which leads to)

A BRAND NEW COUCH (almost wrote coach, which is what I need for my slowness..)

YES! I finally got a couch, much after many years of hating my futon. Want to see it? Of course you do...

ok it turns out it is bigger than I imagined it... LOL, but let me know who wants to come over and watch a movie! We now have room for entertaining....

don't mind the mess in the back, we are trying to go through and purge..and the dreadmill to the right, that is where all the torment happens...yes..the dreadmill is torture. I much prefer running outside..and I can't wait for V to be able to stay home by himself. So this is what he does when he plays..he parks cars..and parks cars..and wait for it..parks cars. ;)

So now I find it even harder to get on the dreadmill..with this lovely comfy couch calling my name. I need to make workout plans STAT! We did leave the house today (V needed to get out) and went for a walk (which reminds me, I need to add to my 100inJuly total, Hey I will take what I can get!)

He has started not wanting his photo taken, he used to be so cute.

Tonight he had his swim team party. He got a trophy!!! His first ever! I did get all teary. The coach wants him on the regular swim team next year. Not a Jr. Swim Team member. He has really grown this summer. We need to find lessons to keep him swimming during the winter, so he will be ready come spring.
Tell me about your weekend.
Did you swim with swim team? If so, when did you start?
New couch? Love it? I know you do.
Ever done a 100 mile challenge?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swim Team Conference B

I last left you on Friday when V was diagnosed with strep. He had swim team conference on Saturday. This was part of the reason I took him to urgent care on Friday instead of waiting to see if it was a virus.

He ended up having a pretty bad day on Friday. The antibiotic didn't really kick in like it normally does. I woke him up Saturday morning, and he was upset, crying and his eyelashes were caked in gunk. He informed me he couldn't swim, as he wasn't 100%. I said, let's go and see how you are feeling when you get there, we can talk about this when we get there. I attempted to give him breakfast, but he wasn't able to eat on the way, because his stomach hurt too much. :(

So we finally get there, and I inform his coach about how he was diagnosed the day earlier, and he wasn't sure if he could swim. She told him, she understood, she was sick on Friday too, and wasn't feeling great herself.

So he did the warm up, and I was worried. I walked away and set up camp.

He came back from warm up and asked for some food. So he ate and then they started to assemble for the parade.

(don't mind my fingers)

Then we got started. He was slotted to swim 25m free, 50 m free, and 25m back.

So he was in races 12, 32 and 52.

He did awesome...he beat all of his times, race 12 by 3 seconds, race 32 by 21 seconds and race 52 by 7 seconds.

Seriously poor child who didn't think he could swim at all...nailed each one. That was the goal, just to beat your previous times. race 52...

he won the heat! (ok there were only 3..but still!)

So proud of my big kid.

Did you swim in swim team?