Sunday, July 24, 2016

Have you Heard of Thrive by Le-Vel? Giveaway!!!

Hey all, I know I have been very missing these days. I am not going to try to sugar coat it, life has really gotten into the way.

I have mentioned in the past that I am an a promoter for Thrive. It is a pharmaceutical level of minerals and vitamins, that you can't possibly get through food or any retail outlet. I just love my results, I am not a good salesperson.

I just wanted to share with you, that there have been a few new things going on, with the company and wanted to share.

According to US Today 50% of our Workforce will be participating in YouEconomy by 2020, and Le-Vel who makes Thrive is one of the top 5 of the Best Opportunities! What are you waiting for? Not only is this a fantastic way to earn money, but honestly I am in it to share my experience. I think this is the BEST product out there. I have never felt better. V is also Thriving. It is a family affair. If you are a good salesman, you can get your product for free, you can get a luxury car allowance, dream vacation, supplement you income, etc. I am not a salesman. I just love it and seeing it in written word in a national paper just makes it validated!

So I am giving away one 3 day trial for very 10 emails addresses that I can set up a free account for you, your friend and your family member. by this Wednesday night at midnight CST. Please send your email address to

No credit card/no purchase is necessary. I just want to share this great product. Please keep in mind it is a 3 day trial and the product is best fulfilled at 8 weeks.

I am just super excited about Thrive and it's results. Please let me know of any questions. If you have any medical questions, please speak with your doctor.


Saturday, March 19, 2016


How is everyone? I hope you are well! I had thought I would be back since I had gotten a laptop. But you know what...still super busy and

quite find the time I need.

So let me update you.

My friend had been trying to get me to try a vitamin/mineral supplement called Thrive for months. You take vitamins first thing in the morning, then about 40 minutes later you down a shake and then put on a patch onto your skin and you are done for the day. I had been extremely skeptical the entire time. I figured there is no magical vitamin system that could possibly work. This must be a scam. She kept telling me that it was "life changing". Again..thought she must be crazy, there is no way. She reached out about 2 weeks ago with a chance to purchase a 10 day trial sold directly from her. (They recommend an 8 week trial period) So I figured, let me see if it is all it is she says it is. After all, I am so tired of being tired all.the.time! I also figured that I could prove her wrong, and then move all from all of her facebook posts about how crazy amazing Thrive is.

So I started my trial period 9 days ago. I was telling my coworkers about it, and quite honestly, I had the worst time getting the shake down. Not because of the taste, but because of my texture issues. So that took some work, more on that another time. During my first day, my coworkers asked how I felt, and I had to think, and I said, I feel pretty good! Pretty soon they were threatening to take me to employee health, to have me "tested" to see what really existed in this product due to my high energy level. ;)

I used to hit a wall about 3 pm I did not hit a wall. I actually didn't hit a wall until this past Wednesday, when I forgot to apply a patch. (This was due to the fact that V likes to assist with the location and which patch I should use). That day, I hit a wall hard. I was literally holding my head up at 3pm.

So my initial reaction, was "this stuff is amazing". I had more energy, I felt absolutely amazing and couldn't stop talking to people about how amazing it is. Then I was kind of feeling bad. I mean, I know how skeptical I was, and then trying to explain to others, that it seems like this miracle energy vitamin and mineral supplement is a hard sell, well at least for me.

On my day 4 of the trial, I chopped off my hair, and signed up to be a promoter.
short hair

I have had so many compliments on my hair. I feel like a brand new person. V is not so crazy about the hair, he has never seen my hair so short.

So to round it up...I have been LOVING Thrive. I have so much more energy, have better workouts, have lost inches, not pounds (Aunt Flo is around) and am sleeping better. They do not make any medical claims, but I recently read that the equivilant of the probiotics in the shake is equivilant to 1400 cups of yogurt. One shake! Seriously!!!!!!!!

Anyway, if you want to know more, please reach out to me, PM, me, etc. I am happy to hook you up with a free account where you can investigate more, and you have no pressure to buy. I am looking into what it would take to set up trial packs. So stayed tuned for that.


Tell me, have you ever heard of Thrive? It is only 3 years old.

Want to Thrive with me??

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nope we didn't die

Hello friends!

Yes been extremely quiet over here. Lots going on, my computer died months ago and have only been trying to survive using my phone, until last night. I broke down and bought a new computer. It is heavenly. I have to fight V for it though.
Melinda Hanson's photo.

Speaking of V....he was super sick this week. He got that stomach bug and has been afraid to eat since Tuesday.
Since he has not been eating, I have not taken him to swim. He will not survive a practice with no fuel. So that also means I have not been working out at all this week. And our meal planning went right out the window since V has not been eating, I haven't been cooking. So it has turned into scrounging for what is around. I am hoping he will start to feel better soon and we can get back on track.

While I have been on hiatus I have made some new recipes

Melinda Hanson's photo.
home made potstickers I want to try again and make just veggie ones too

Melinda Hanson's photo.
peanut noodle salad

Melinda Hanson's photo.
crème filled chocolate cookies

and quite a few other things...

V has been doing a great job with his swimming. He had a meet last weekend and ended up with three first places, three second places, and two third places. Now granted there wasn't a ton of competition, but it was still a solid performance.

Speaking of swim...we need to get moving towards there if we are going to make it.

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

some good, some very sad

So let's start with the good...

I have been working out, I jog (slowly) for 2 miles without stopping. I have lost 10 pounds. I am excited! I have been eating a lot better, making better choices, not giving up everything...but trying to eat more fruit, more yogurt (which I dislike). I tried oatmeal..I dislike it so much, I can't swallow it. So that was a bust. I do like oatmeal cookies though. ;)

I have a long way to go, but am encouraged by progress.

V has been doing well with his swim club. He had his first swim meet with the club last weekend. It went OK. Actually, I felt he did great. He is only used to park district swim where you might have 2 heats of something, not 15.

Lastly...and very sadly...I am here to tell you that my step dad...passed away last night. I feel so sad for my mom and my entire family. He was such a great, solid, head on straight, fair person. He loved me and my siblings, as he knew we were a package deal with my mom. He has ALWAYS been good to me and my son. He will be greatly missed by everyone. I don't think V has fully comprehended this. I have notified his teacher, just in case.

Lastly...V got his hair cut..aka no more curls..

Tell me, have you lost a parent?

Are your kids growing up too fast?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Denial is bliss?

So as you know, I haven't been very good at taking care of me. No shocker there is you look at me.

Well, my work has a program if you do a wellness part they take about $20 a paycheck off of your health insurance. That is HUGE if you tally up the totals for our biweekly checks.

Part of this process is getting a screening or a physical by your PCP. I opted for a screening, as I don't like seeing a doctor, nor do I like paying a copay, since the screening was free, I did the screening.

I had to fast, no food for 8 hours prior to the appointment, including coffee.

I was a wreck, I woke up at 4am, nervous, feeling anxious, not wanting to do this...but then the money thing..yes..not the HEALTH thing...said, you need to do this. (esp after my $1100 sink, another post for another time)

So I trekked in my .3 mile from the parking lot to the conference room doing the screenings. It was cold this morning, and I had a 7:30 appointment and I needed to be punched in by 8:00. I can drop V off only as early as 7:00 so I was pressured for time. I rush in, I am almost late, I know my blood pressure is up, my hands are freezing to the  touch. The young guy who helped me had me try to warm up my hands, because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to get enough blood out and might need to restick me. It took some work, but he was able to get enough out. He placed it into the machine and then he took my blood pressure.

Let's stop here. Because honestly, my heart stopped here. Not literally, I didn't have a heart attack (yet) but this was my bit of a wake up call.

My numbers for the most part were HORRIBLE. Not bad, but HORRIBLE.

I won't share yet. I have sent an email to my PCP, and hoping to either get her to agree to my numbers so I can go on med immediately or get a script for more fasting and then eventually a script.

See the resounding issue? A script? Maybe two.... :(

Am I surprised? NO. Was I in denial? Absolutely. Am I scared? For sure!

I shared some of this with some coworkers and I was hit with ridicule. This shouldn't hurt as much as it does, but since I have neglected friends as much as I have neglected myself, I had convinced myself these were "friends".

I obviously have a lot of work to go. I will share the GREAT news, I did lose 4 pounds. NOT huge in the time thing, but a loss is a loss.

I am also working out 4 days a week. I also haven't shared this, but while V is in his swim club they allow us to use the workout machines while they are swimming. This means for 40 minutes 4 days a week I have ZERO excuse to why I am not working out (unless I am sick, which recently happened).

So I do attribute my 4 pounds to my last 6 weeks of working out. AGAIN, not great results, but I am going with, results are results.

Please share with me your "aha" moment.

Do you ever live in denial?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Its been forever that, so I am here to brag

Howdy, as you all know, things take over, no motivation, etc...many excuses...but I am here to brag a LOT. :)

As you all know, I love my V.

(we went apple picking yesterday)

Can you believe his hair? is so crazy out of control, he looks like a surfer, and belongs in California.

(we went camping and I actually put the worm on, thankfully there were other kids around who removed all of the fish for us)

So anyway, when I last left you it was forever ago. We went camping twice over the summer, V competed in park district swim team, we went to the homeland and saw the family, V joined a swim club to swim all year around, AND he trained/completed miles for his third kids' marathon.

Yesterday was the final 1.2. He was so stressed out. He kept asking me what number I thought he would come in as. I wasn't very confident in his ability, as he has been swimming a lot more than we have been running. So I tried to tell him to go out, have fun and to do his best.

You can't imagine my surprise when I saw him round the corner, when he was number 15 in finishing, there were approximately 375 kids finishing up their marathons. There was a pack behind him of 6 kids that were itching to pass him. I screamed/cheered and told him they were about to pass him. He took off.

I met up with him, and he was crying, he couldn't breathe.

I told him how proud I was to breathe, and that he did awesome. He had a hard time calming down and then he informed me, "I believed in myself." Yes, yes he did.

To tell you I am super proud is an understatement. He did an awesome job. I am so happy he believed in himself. :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

our weekend

We have been super busy as usual over here.

We found these and not quite sure where to hang them. Originally I was thinking about hanging them outside, however, I debate on the fact of wind. So, I might hang them inside. :)

I did stop back and bought a red, light blue and another star one. They are battery operated and I found them at Target, we were not contacted or compensated by Target, we found them all by ourselves. AND we love them.

Our good friend Ash was supposed to be out of town, but called us Saturday morning and we headed with her to the Morton Arboretum. We love it there. We headed out at 10:30 am. I brought along snacks, but we ended up eating there. I was happily surprised with my grilled veggie/pesto flat bread (I got a half) pizza with goat cheese. Even V had a bite and liked it. We had never eaten there before. Our friend got a half beet salad and fruit salad. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight recently and she is so diligent. I am so proud of her. She is quite the inspiration. She lost approx 30 pounds in 75 days. I am so happy for her! I didn't get a picture of her..but did of V of course..

if you notice the chair he is sitting in is a former log!

So we ended up inviting our friend Ash last night for supper. I made chicken fajitas (chicken on the grill and the veggies with PAM only in a non stick pan). I had cheese, which she ate none of, salsa, fresh lime wedges for juice (V used two..LOL) and salad mix in case she wanted to put hers on greens instead of flour tortillas. She brought a red/white/blue dessert of raspberries, yogurt pretzels, blueberries. We chowed that down and played numerous board games.

Today that continued...and many more games happened...

I think we played board games for at least two hours and then video games. We also planted our plants.

Here is my Mr. 8, going through his "younger reader" books to see if he wants to keep them. He read for well over an hour tonight. I did clean out his book case, which prompted this. Thankfully, this takes care of his reading for the week. The purging...not going great. I don't care though..I would prefer to get rid of junk vs. books.

So you can see things have been busy as usual. He starts swim team practice tomorrow, he had swim team lessons through yesterday. Soccer is almost over and will only be able to make it to the game this Saturday, after his swim meet. I am excited for him this year. Granted he is a young 8, he is in the top of his possible ability for the 8 and under group. Had he turned 9 a month later, he would be in the same group. It doesn't matter, the same thing happens for soccer. He just needs to learn to give it his best.

Let me know if you want to come and watch him swim. I am really hoping he does much better this year.

We hope you had a great weekend as well.

Lastly, but not leastly, we appreciate all who have given so much for our freedom.

Who has been on a swim team? I didn't learn how to swim until I was an adult, so I know nothing about swim team.

What is your favorite board game? We have been on fire lately with games. Maybe we should do a round up of sorts of games? Please send your favs or your kids favs my way. you have a friend or family member or maybe it was you, who has motivated many with your weight loss??