Sunday, July 27, 2014

busy and awesome weekend around here

First off, I have been keeping it a bit quiet on my blog (as I have been MIA), but it has been all over my facebook page...I am quickly approaching my tail end of 100 miles in July. I will not ever do this again. I know for some of you who run double digits daily and run well over 100 miles a week, find me to be a bit of a whiner...well..yes..yes I am. I whine. I am S-L-O-W! This has been nothing but a challenge, as I much prefer sitting on my couch.... (which leads to)

A BRAND NEW COUCH (almost wrote coach, which is what I need for my slowness..)

YES! I finally got a couch, much after many years of hating my futon. Want to see it? Of course you do...

ok it turns out it is bigger than I imagined it... LOL, but let me know who wants to come over and watch a movie! We now have room for entertaining....

don't mind the mess in the back, we are trying to go through and purge..and the dreadmill to the right, that is where all the torment happens...yes..the dreadmill is torture. I much prefer running outside..and I can't wait for V to be able to stay home by himself. So this is what he does when he plays..he parks cars..and parks cars..and wait for it..parks cars. ;)

So now I find it even harder to get on the dreadmill..with this lovely comfy couch calling my name. I need to make workout plans STAT! We did leave the house today (V needed to get out) and went for a walk (which reminds me, I need to add to my 100inJuly total, Hey I will take what I can get!)

He has started not wanting his photo taken, he used to be so cute.

Tonight he had his swim team party. He got a trophy!!! His first ever! I did get all teary. The coach wants him on the regular swim team next year. Not a Jr. Swim Team member. He has really grown this summer. We need to find lessons to keep him swimming during the winter, so he will be ready come spring.
Tell me about your weekend.
Did you swim with swim team? If so, when did you start?
New couch? Love it? I know you do.
Ever done a 100 mile challenge?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swim Team Conference B

I last left you on Friday when V was diagnosed with strep. He had swim team conference on Saturday. This was part of the reason I took him to urgent care on Friday instead of waiting to see if it was a virus.

He ended up having a pretty bad day on Friday. The antibiotic didn't really kick in like it normally does. I woke him up Saturday morning, and he was upset, crying and his eyelashes were caked in gunk. He informed me he couldn't swim, as he wasn't 100%. I said, let's go and see how you are feeling when you get there, we can talk about this when we get there. I attempted to give him breakfast, but he wasn't able to eat on the way, because his stomach hurt too much. :(

So we finally get there, and I inform his coach about how he was diagnosed the day earlier, and he wasn't sure if he could swim. She told him, she understood, she was sick on Friday too, and wasn't feeling great herself.

So he did the warm up, and I was worried. I walked away and set up camp.

He came back from warm up and asked for some food. So he ate and then they started to assemble for the parade.

(don't mind my fingers)

Then we got started. He was slotted to swim 25m free, 50 m free, and 25m back.

So he was in races 12, 32 and 52.

He did awesome...he beat all of his times, race 12 by 3 seconds, race 32 by 21 seconds and race 52 by 7 seconds.

Seriously poor child who didn't think he could swim at all...nailed each one. That was the goal, just to beat your previous times. race 52...

he won the heat! (ok there were only 3..but still!)

So proud of my big kid.

Did you swim in swim team?

Friday, July 18, 2014

he is sick again....

Remember he had his tonsils/adenoids out last February? Remember he had strep for almost a solid four months?

Well last night, I went to pick him up from camp. (granted I was late) He was standing on the edge, arms crossed, with his backpack on. I look at him, and he has a tear stained face. In my normal way of intera)cting, I try to make him laugh and he gives me a 'look'. I ask him what is wrong, and he tells me he will tell me in the car. He goes to get into the car, and it literally took him three times to get in. I thought he was tired and over reacting. He tells me he doesn't feel good, and he can't go running. So I figure, ok. I can run on the dreadmill, he must be tired.

We get home, he literally drops everything at the door and goes and crawls into my bed and closes his eyes. I go in, take his temp (100.7) I pull him out and put pjs on him, give him a dose of advil and immediately falls asleep.

he slept like this until 5 am this morning (read no supper) and his temp was 101.8.

So I took him to urgent care, thinking this was an ear infection, since he is doing swim team.

it is strep throat


His swim team conference is tomorrow. He is scheduled to swim three events. The 8 and under 25 yd freestyle, the 50 yd free style, and the 25 yr backstroke.

I am hoping he is better tomorrow. I am super proud of him that he swims competitively.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

worst blogger ever

Since we have been on vacation, and then again back to being super busy..I can't catch up. I can't even find time to update you and fill you in on our vacation...V is currently taking a nap. I am working on making food/preparing food for the week.

Sorry for not being able to keep up, please let me know what we have missed in the past 2 weeks.

Starting fresh now. :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

have you missed us?

Well, as you might have known, we were on vacation..I am super far behind. I hope to tell you about vacation sometime soon.

Tell me what I have missed with you!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

can you believe this?

1) V got an email for a free race entry ....LOL I love how I was totally overlooked, even though it was probably true.

2) Who does V look like??

I say he looks like me.

We got lazy today and played board games

What do you do today?

Board games yay or nay?

Think V looks like me?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

so much to share and no time

still busy, for instance
Monday - Swim team and walkrunfun
Tuesday - swim team, zumba and fasttrackparty
Wednesday - possible swim meet
Thursday- Swim team, yoga, funrun
Friday - extra soccer practice
Saturday - swim meet, (used to be soccer game, just ended last week)
Sunday - teach momma swim strokes

This is just V's schedule..and he is in camp he also has swimming daily at camp. I have to get him everywhere as well as breakfast/lunch and supper.

Tonight's swim team was cancelled due to the weather. I was not sad, as meets go past 10pm during the week.

On the way home we hydroplaned horribly. I kept the wheel straight and we didn't crash into the car next to us. So bloody scary.

Also scary, my 90 yr old Grandma's town was hit by a tornado tonight. She lives in a super small town, but is fine, and the tornado didn't her, but she has no power. My mom is on stand by to go get her.

Last night our fasttrackparty had another mile timed event. If you remember last time I had a 11:40 or something close, last night I beat that by almost a minute! I ran (don't remember exactly, so hot and tired) a 10:50 mile! Almost a minute PR! I honestly don't remember ever timing less than a 11:00 mile! I know I am still slower than a turtle through a vat of peanut butter, but at least I improved! And the outside temp was 94 and humid!

V had an issue, so we had to leave trackpartyquickly.

I hope to catch up more with you soon. I am exhausted and heading to bed.

Night night!