Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recap of our first 10k at the Morton Arboretum

As you all know, today we ran our very first 10k as ambassadors for Dick Ponds Lisle at the Morton Arboretum Arbor Day 10k

We ran into our friend Deb before we started. It was cold, and I was wondering if we would warm up on the course.

Boy let me tell you ...we really warmed up..I came home all crusty with salt.

So V ran with Denise who is the manager of Dick Ponds in Lisle. She is amazing...

So we set off, and I lost them within the first mile. I have trouble the first mile whenever I body and head thinks running is stupid..and I start feeling better after mile 1.

By mile 3, my feet were both numb. Not painful, but uncomfortable. I stopped and loosened my shoe laces..and tried my best to get it to stop.

There was a boy younger than V who was running too. He made it his goal to beat me...he did.

While I was just about a half mile from the finish, I see Denise running back to run with me. So nice! I have never had someone do that for me. As we made it around the bend, John from the running groups joined us and ran with me. (They are both running Boston next weekend)

As Denise and I were running she was telling me how great V did, and mile 5 was his fastest. Evidently, at the end he told her she held him back too much. LOL...want to know how much she held him back???

They finished in 1:11:50. I think he did an awesome job!

I finished about 11 minutes later than V. He told me he was getting worried about me. LOL


This race started exactly on time. There were 3 water stations (I think), I saw one portapotty on the course, not sure if I missed others. There were a bunch at the start, when I used it, I didn't have to wait. There were a ton of volunteers on the course, I tried to thank all of them.

The pros (or it can be a con), this is an extremely hilly course..well for this was well organized, signs, volunteers, etc, you never had to guess where to turn.

I think what really helped me was knowing V was in good hands, he was having fun, the awesome support of the people from our running groups and Dick Ponds.

Thank you again for having us be ambassadors. We had a great time!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

the bad and so excited for tomorrow...

So do you want the good or the bad first??

Let's start with a picture of V...because that is always good

Now..I didn't take this picture, his grandpa did.

This was on Friday at his soccer practice.
So let's move on to my stress from the past week at work. I currently work at a hospital, and there is an organization, that we pay (as do all of the other hospitals) to come in and make sure we are doing everything correctly. Well they showed up for disease specific as well as the once every three year surprise visit. We did great, I was in seven..yes SEVEN meetings with them...and I won't go into detail what my role is, but we did great! Just extremely stressful, as this was my first rodeo.
Another stressor...(aka bad news) Friday morning I got a call from my SIL (aka sister-in-law) telling me my Dad was taken via ambulance to the hospital in the middle of the night. He had a really high fever and ended up in the ICU, wasn't making any sense..was sepic...and is currently in surgery. I have debated on hopping into the car and heading back..but not sure if I need to..V has missed 9 days of school this year, we received a letter from the school and they notified the state...I am sure it is routine, but still.
Ok..back to happier things..

We went to our favorite store, and got V a Very Berry smoothie..

We also went to Barnes and Noble...and got him....
1001 kids jokes..and he was in heaven...

Tomorrow we are running our very first 10K at Morton Arboretum, we are ambassadors with our favorite running store Dick Pond Lisle. We are so honored... and so excited!

Tell me something great about your weekend?

What is your favorite 'clean' joke that I can tell an almost 7 yr old?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let me tell you how amazing our running group and Dick Pond of Lisle is

So if you read my post yesterday, you saw I was concerned about letting V run alone for our 10k this weekend. Well..this has been solved.

First of all, we are running the Morton Arbortem Arbor Day 10k Run as Ambassadors for our favorite running store Dick Pond Lisle, the store manager Denise (whom was also V's kid's marathon coach last summer) who asked us to be the ambassadors...this is our first ever offer, and I am so proud to be an ambassador to this amazing store. I can't tell you enough how amazing and welcoming everyone is in this store and the running groups..yes I said "groupS". We attempt to go 3 nights a week.

So, I posted my last post about my concerns regarding letting V run a 10k by himself and my concerns for his safety. Denise, the manager, who offered us ambassadorship, has offered to run it with V, at his pace. What you also don't know, Denise is super fast, was a professional coach/teacher, now an amazing coach at the store, (and she helps me with form)  will be running the Boston marathon in a few weeks. This is obviously a top notch store, with incredible knowledge.

Coach Britt, is our Monday night walk2run coach. She is amazing! She is a personal coach..and we get her knowledge for free...remember I am a single Mom. I like free. Not to mention she is full of knowledge. She was the first female to finish the half marathon I ran last fall. Yes..I know amazing people!

The first time (ok, the only time so far) we went to fast track, John a regular in the group, stayed back and helped me through my drills, and he is the reason I wouldn't let myself puke.

Mike is another regular in the group, who tonight (as every week) chalks the two paths for the 3 miler and the 4 miler fun run. We run the 3 miler, and he chalked a path to a pond (about 3 feet) with a turn around. When V saw that, he started laughing so hard..we are the only ones who normally do the 3 miler, but thought it was a great thing to do, and it really made V laugh. I am happy to report he also spots puke, and circles it with "Vomit ?" and I wish I had a picture..but it would make you me..I dry heaved out there.

I really recommend the store, the staff, the locals/running peeps.

Who wants to join us? We have a lot of fun!

OOH and there are discounts, or special offers on the running nights!

Oh there is Saturday trail/long runs, we haven't participated in these...I feel it is past our ability.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thoughts on our very first 10k

I haven't shared much much going on. I will share another time with a lot of my current stressors, but first I need some advice...

We are going to our very first 10k this weekend. We have been selected to be ambassadors by our favorite local running store (protecting the innocent for now, you will see my reasoning soon)

V as you all know is an amazing runner for being 6. He is super excited to run his first 10k. As you probably know too, he likes to do well, and that means leaving me in the dust. Here is the situation that bugs me.

He is 6. He would possibly be running alone along a course where creepy people might stalk small cute children (again, I am a mom...remember and he is cute). I am not as fast as him. I want him to do well..I doubt I can ride a bike instead of running...

What would you do? Would you explain that in this world, even though you are 6, there are some scary people in the world, and I need to carry your fuel and your water, so you need to stick with me? Or would you say, ok the first X amount of miles you stay with me and then you look for Z or Y from our running club at the finish line?

I am having serious anxiety about this. I honestly don't worry about him/his behavior, I worry about the people who might hurt/steal him.

Tell me...what would you do?

Don't tell me I am crazy, I already know that.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools and Fast Track Party

So as you know, yesterday was April Fool's Day, and I had this grand plan to play a prank on V. I put tissues in the front of his shoes, so when he was to wake up, to tell him how HUGE his feet grew overnight, then when he went to put on his shoes, they would be too small. So I put tissues in his shoes, when he woke up, I exclaimed how huge his feet were, and he went to put them on...and he said, "wait a minute, there is something in my shoe", and then pulled out tissues..I was laughing so hard, he shouted at me, "why did you put tissues in my shoes??" I replied and said, I was trying to get you for April Fools, but you just got me....lesson learned..he is too smart!

Last night we went to Fast Track Party (you can see other events too, if you click <- the link) we showed up directly at the track, because the run from the store to the track is a mile. By the time we would hit the track, we would need to turn around and head back...we started out with a warm up...V passed me on his lap 4 (my lap 3) for our warm up. Then we did drills..this was HARD...I almost puked..the hardest thing I have done in a long time. I slowed it down, I didn't want to puke in front of our new trackparty friends. V finished 3.5 miles and I did 3.25...remember he lapped me. I am not going to lie..I am super sore, but the best part..I got sleep last night. (I haven't been sleeping past 1:30-3:00 am...makes for a long day)

Tomorrow night we are heading back to the DickPondStore in Lisle and doing the 3 mile fun run, there is a 4 mile fun run too, but the 4 milers finish before we finish 3.

So who wants to come and join us? The people there are sooooo nice! And doubt about it.

Here is V rolling it out.

Ok..go..who is joining us?

Who wants to make us get out another time, remember I am this would be an easy fun run for you, while V talks your ear off.

Did you try getting anyone for April Fool's? Did you fail like me?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

where in the world have I been???

Well as you all know, things get busy, and then things get boring...

So for starters, things at work have been busy, we merged last year and our systems started on one program this past week. I have been trying my best to get it all learned and completed, but feeling like I am failing. I was also hoping for an announcement that was to take place on Friday, but I never saw not sure where that is. I can't talk about might not happen, since it wasn't ever announced.

V and I have rejoined  Coach Britt at Dick Pond Lisle for their FREE walk2run program. We have loved going to this, and everyone is so amazing there. If you are looking for a group to join, please come and join us. It is Monday nights at 6pm. Leave me a note if you want directions. V likes to push me, he is my coach, he will tell me how proud he is of me and random strangers as we (aka he, and I push to keep up) pass. We also like to join Dick Pond Lisle for their fun run on Thursday nights, which is open to all, at all levels..again..come hang with us!!! We have signed up for their Fast Track Tuesdays (I think that is the name) and we are excited to get faster..well I am..can I leave V at home, so I can maybe make up some speed?

I bought a new outfit for Monday night, we are to be at 67, and I can't wait for not wearing a hat. I did also buy some sunless color so help hid my winter white skin, but I didn't get it applied..sorry folks (and all drivers who are blinded by my skin)

We have a water issue in our kitchen, namely no water is coming out of our faucet. Trying to figure that out, and I now need a plumber..please let me know if you have a good local reference!

V has really started eating again, he is growing too. His long sleeve t-shirts are getting too short in the sleeves. I am happy to start purging of these...I know it is crazy..but I have the next size in a tote, so it is all good. And we pass along to other families to help them, so they don't have to purchase so much. I wish we had a family who was much older to pass along clothes to V.

Ok and since I love to post pictures of V...

what color are his eyes??? I say hazel and others say brown

trying to show me his muscles..and saw all the extra skin..I think he is about to shoot can see isn't due to the indentions on his chest.

Tell me what has been going on with you?? I am sorry we haven't been super active, we are boring.

How tall do you think V will be? What about that eye color??

Saturday, March 22, 2014

trouble at school

If you follow me on already heard a tidbit about this..but here is part of the reason I haven't been around (the other reason is I really have nothing to report)

So a week ago, it was to be 55, so I sent V to school in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and fleece. He also had his snow gear (boots, hat, gloves) but not his winter coat. When he was to go out at recess, the assistant teacher told him he wasn't warm enough for him to go out in a fleece. I found this out on Monday when I tried to get him to wear a fleece for a 50 degree day. I ended up sending his teacher a question and thinking V didn't get it correct, and wanted some clarification.  Because I mean, some assistant teacher wouldn't really undermine me to my child right?

The teacher responded, that she was concerned he would get sick, and that was her reasoning.

That was on Monday, so I kind of let it go..then on Wednesday, I sent V to school with apples slices that come with a 1/2 ounce of caramel for dipping. When I picked him up, he told me he isn't allowed to bring apple slices with caramel any longer, because the caramel isn't healthy. Now, one of the items on "suggested list" is fruit snacks. If you have ever looked at the ingredients in fruit snacks, they should be labeled candy. So, I sent the following message, all names have been altered to protect them.

"Mrs. L (teacher),
I am growing very concerned regarding Mrs. M (asst teacher). V told me today that he is not allowed to bring apple slices with caramel, because the caramel isn't healthy. The amount of caramel is .5 ounce.  Quite honestly, I feel like she is singling him out with what happened on Friday and now this. Apple slices with caramel still has more nutritional value than fruit snacks which is made up of pure sugar, artificial flavors and gelatin.

I am more than willing to come in and meet with you, Mrs. M and Mrs. W (principal).

Please let me know how to proceed. I do not like how things are going."

She responded with:

"I talked with Mrs. M today.  I do feel that she has good intentions, but may have phrased her concerns a little strongly.  I know that V can really take things to heart, and I don't want him to feel that he is being singled out.  Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.  Please contact me if you have any other concerns."

Of course this didn't soothe me completely, so I said:

"Thank you for speaking with Mrs. M. I am still worried, but will see if things do change. If there are any questions or suggestions on things like his coat, or his food, etc. (things a parent is responsible for), I do not want anything said to V. I am the one who dresses him and packs his food. All concerns/questions/suggestions are to be addressed to me directly. I do not want anything said to V, as this undermines my parenting ability in his eyes. I can be reached via email, cell - xxx-xxx-xxxx, work xxx-xxx-xxxx."

She followed up on Friday morning with:
"You are welcome.  Mrs. W (principal) and I have discussed the situation, and I will be monitoring it.  Let's keep in touch regarding this.  I completely understand how you feel about questions/suggestions regarding parental responsibilities going directly to you, so your parenting ability is not undermined.  I was actually thinking about that last night too.  Thank you. "

Seriously...I honestly am watching this, and if there is any retaliation due to my posting this, I am heading to the board and will file a grievance. I have not mentioned any names nor the school. Even my own mother doesn't know how to match up the people/school.

Evidently from what I have heard from my friends, we are not the first to suffer from instances like this. Honestly, as if the teenage years won't be enough.

Tell me, if you are a parent, have you had something similar to your child?

As a child did you have this happen to you?

As a parent what how would you have handled it?